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How to style grey belts


For most men, grey is not the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about belts. Yet, especially in a more casual chic minimalist wardrobe grey often plays an important role and the question which belt to choose comes up frequently. That is why we put together several outfit ideas to help you style your grey belts.

The general rule of thumb to colour-match shoes and belts is always good advise to keep in mind. Yet, sometimes it might be a better option to blend the belt with the rest of the outfit. That is often the case during the warmer months when white sneakers are a very popular footwear choice. We wrote an entire article about this topic here. Taking a completely different direction, you can also contrast the belt to make it stand out from the rest of the outfit. For more information about belts, check out our ultimate belt guide.



First on the list is our Javier belt which is the most classic grey belt in our collection. Despite its more classic look, it has several modern elements which makes it easy to use the belt for both more formal and casual outfits. The Javier has no stitching but flattened edges which gives it a slimmer appearance. Additionally, whereas most classic men’s belts have smooth leather, the Javier is made of premium full-grain Spanish pebble leather which gives the belt a slightly more casual character. Lastly, instead of a regular silver buckle, the belt is finished with a specialised matte light grey brass buckle.


Javier Classic Belt



Next up is our elastic wool belt Giovanni. It is made of extremely durable grey wool and paired with strong dark-brown vegetable-tanned Italian leather tips guaranteeing a very long lifetime. The wool is stretchable up to 20cm/8in and can be tied wherever it fits best providing outmost comfort. Wool belts work well with regular cotton chinos but will look especially nice with linen shorts, pants or shirts in the summer and flannel and thicker wool pants as well as wool knitwear in the winter. By combining both grey and brown elements in your outfit, you can use the Giovanni to tie the outfit together nicely.


Giovanni Wool Belt



The Francesco has been one of our best-sellers ever since its release. The combination of dark grey Italian suede and a sleek silver solid brass buckles makes the Francesco the perfect belt for casual chic outfits. It looks especially good when paired with shades of grey or earthy tones.


Braided Suede Belt Francesco

Braided Suede Belt Francesco



This is one of our most sartorial grey belts. It is hand-braided by our artisan belt makers in Italy of premium grey vegetable-tanned full-grain leather. The braid pattern still makes for a more casual character but due to its smooth leather and the simple silver buckle, the belt can also be paired with formalwear.


Niccolo Braided Belt Grey



The Gianluca belt is another very popular piece in our collection. Crafted of velvety sand-beige suede leather from Italy, it is the perfect belt for the summer months. It looks especially great when paired with beige, blue, white, and light grey colours. A very popular look for the fall months are light blue jeans, a white shirt, our Brunello belt and matching suede sneakers.


Braided Suede Belt Brunello

Braided Suede Belt Brunello



Our Flavio belt is the counter-part to the Giovanni belt introduced earlier. Instead of brown finishes it has black ones and a gunmetal coloured buckle. Similar to the Giovanni belt, we recommend letting the belt draw in the colours of a grey and black outfit.


Grey Wool Belt Flavio



As already mentioned, matching belts and shoes is always a good idea to round up your outfit. Yet, sometimes that is much easier said than done. That is why we have created perfectly matching belts and sneakers.



The Norberto Classic is the classic belt in our Norberto line. The belt is handmade in Germany of beautifully soft grey suede leather and durable vegetable-tanned full-grain lining leather. With its clean silver brass buckle, the belt can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The matching minimalist Norberto sneakers are handmade in Portugal of the exact same water-repellent suede leather. To give you a larger variety, we also have a matching braided and viscose belt option in our collection.


Norberto Classic Belt and Sneaker

Norberto Classic Belt

Norberto Braided Belt



The idea is the same as with the Norberto line. The Umberto classic belt and sneakers are crafted of a darker grey suede leather from Italy. The gunmetal buckle and the dark sneaker outsoles pair nicely. For a more casual belt option, we also have a dark grey viscose belt which works well with the Umberto sneakers.


Umberto Belt and Sneaker

Umberto Belt and Sneaker


If you are still a little unsure how style your grey belt you can always chat with us or send an email. To explore our complete men’s belt collection, click here.