Roughly 95% of all leathers worldwide are chromium-tanned. The remaining 5% are vegetable-tanned. This traditional tanning method is not just more environmentally-friendly but also takes much more time to create which is why it is often very expensive. Of these 5% only very few deserve the label “organic leathers”. In order to attain this coveted quality seal, the leathers not only have to be vegetable-tanned but every single component of the production chain has to be ecological, sustainable and certified organic. Only a tiny fraction of all leathers fulfil these extremely strict requirements. We are very proud that the leather straps of our limited watch collection were awarded the bio-seal allowing us to contribute to a sustainable economy.


Our handmade leather watch strapsOur handmade leather watch straps


What exactly does bio certified mean?
The entire production process of our bio watch straps is “Biokreis” certified. Biokreis supports producers and processors with the production and marketing of their bio products. It was established in 1979 and favours regional structures and rural agriculture. The requirements of the Biokreis-Guidelines are way beyond the EU organic regulations and only leathers which fulfil all steps of the strict organically certified production chain will receive the desired Biokreis seal. The compliance with the criteria is fully and regularly controlled by the testing institute LACON. If not rectified, violations of the guidelines will lead to a revocation of the seal.


Watches with watch strapsOur watches with our premium leather watch straps


The organically certified production chain

1. Certified Organic Farms
In order to receive an organic certification, the farms need to guarantee an animal welfare approved husbandry and a sustainable supply chain. Besides, only non-GM feed may be used.

2. Certified Organic Abattoirs
Bio animals need to be slaughtered separately from other animals and the suffering of the animals have to be kept at an absolute minimum. That is why short transportation routes are vital in order to reduce the stress of the animals. Compliance with these guidelines are regularly reviewed. It has to be expressly stated that all of the hides which eventually turn into the leathers for our watch bands are side products of the meat industry which would have to be disposed of if not used.

3. Certified Organic Tanneries
As mentioned above, tanneries are obliged to use the vegetable-tanning method. Additionally, the surfaces of the leathers have to remain as natural as possible and also be chromium-free and allergy-friendly. The natural and vegetable tanning method gives our watch bands not only a beautiful feel and excellent wearing comfort but makes them also especially eco-friendly, health-friendly and long-lived. It is for that reason that our watch bands are not just awarded with the Biokreis seal but also the ECARF seal for particularly allergy-friendly products.


Certified organic sealsOur leather watch straps are Bio-Kreis and ECARF certified


4. Certified Organic Watch Strap Manufactory
Finally, our straps are handmade and hand-stitched in our watch strap manufactory and the organically certified production chain comes full circle. The proud result is premium watch straps which are 100% organic and of inimitable quality.


Watch Strap ManufactoryAll of our watch straps are handmade in Germany


Here you can take a look at our watch collection with our organic watch straps.