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The backbone of every Dalgado product is top quality leather. If you want to use first-class leathers, you need to go to the source: the tanneries. We searched high and low to find the right tanneries and established close partnerships with prestigious family-run tanneries from France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands with hundreds of years of combined experience. Each of our tanneries is in compliance with the strict European REACH directive in regards to working safety, tannins, and chemicals. Through their know-how of traditional techniques combined with modern ingenuity, they have perfected the tanning process over many generations. It is an honour for us to work with such prominent partners who also supply some of the most luxurious brands.



EST. 1927


Our French tannery, located in the southwest of France, is a fourth-generation run family business which has been producing some of the finest leathers in Europe since 1927. A constant desire for product improvement has enhanced the production equipment through numerous modernisation. Vegetal retanning combined with vegetable oils give their leathers exquisite strength and softness. Due to its profound concern for the environment and local community, the Tannery uses a complete set of pre-biological and physicochemical treatments to ease the impact of its industrial activity.

Map showing the location of our French tannery.



Map showing the location of our Spanish tannery.



EST. 1889


Since 1889 our Spanish tannery, has been synonymous for premium quality leathers. Currently operating in its fifth family-generation, the tannery's recipe for success over many decades has been an obsessive dedication to offer leather optics on the forefront of fashion trends. The tannery is especially known for its silky surfaces with formidable subtleness. However, the tannery does not only focus on the product but also on the production in an attempt to ease its environmental impact by boosting numerous technological advances in their tanning processes.


Man in tannery working on leathers

Man in tannery working on leathers


EST. 1972


The first of our two Italian tanneries is located near Florence and has been specialising in the creation of textured leathers since 1972. Deeply anchored in the pursuit of enhanced sustainability, the modern tannery has experimented with numerous innovations to ease its economical footprint. The flagship products of the company are embossed leathers such as the famous Palmellato optic. With its attention to production processes and awareness of trends in the fashion word, the tannery embodies the "Made in Italy" philosophy.

Map showing the location of our Italian tannery.



Map showing the location of our Italian tannery.



EST. 1977


Also located near Florence, our second Italian tannery has been one of the leaders in the vegetable-tanning-leather industry since its founding in 1977. The tannery has thus established itself as a synonym of reliability and quality in the global leather market, known all over the world and appreciated by numerous international brands. The tanning factory specialises in the production of vegetable tanned leathers with the help of natural and biocompatible tannins.


Insight into our tanneries.


EST. 1895


Located in the south of the Netherlands, our Dutch tannery has been amongst the most renown tanneries since 1895. The love for high quality leather has been the lifeblood of this fourth-generation family tannery. Taking a leading position in the global leather trade-market, the specialist in natural vegetable tanning actively contributes to the protection of the environment, by renovating its water treatment plant in 1994 to clean the water completely organically. Such a plant was unique in Europe at the time and is still considered the industry-wide benchmark for environmentally-friendly production processes.

Map showing the location of our Dutch tannery.