The Story

Pierre Sneaker


Branding needs to be loud to cut through the clutter of all the other brands, it needs to be memorable, it needs to be unique. We have heard and read this and similar things countless times. There might even be something to it, but it’s not our style. We like to keep things neat, simple, and clean.

That’s exactly why we have chosen minimal branding. For all of our products, all branding is always neatly tucked and always unobtrusive. The reason for that is very simple. We believe that wearing any fashion product should never be about the brand but always about you. You are not a billboard for brands. By the contrary, we believe fashion products should be your tools to express your individual style.

Besides, by removing any loud branding we can direct the focus on what really matters: quality materials and timeless design. We want to highlight our premium materials and shine a light on the amazing skills of our artisans. Take our Salvatore Gloves for example. There is no visible branding. All you can see is the luxurious Peccary leather and the accurate thread carefully hand-sewn by a master glove maker. The same goes for our sneakers. All unnecessary stitching was removed to create an ultra-clean silhouette which puts a strong emphasis on our gorgeous Gold-rated Italian leathers. Same thing with our belts. Only on the lining leather, you will find a small logo embossing.

Our deliberate move to minimal branding has allowed us to create truly timeless designs which transcend seasons and trends. To us, that is the definition of slow fashion, and we are committed to stay the course no matter what anyone says.


Roberto Classic leather belt black

Edoardo braided suede belt brown

Alfredo Suede Leather sneaker blue

Umberto Suede leather sneaker grey

Salvatore Peccary gloves grey


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