Even though there is a wide variety of gloves reaching from winter gloves, protective gloves, athletic gloves, driving gloves to evening gloves they all have one thing in common: they need to fit like a second skin. That is especially important for elegant evening gloves, as an oversized glove can take away the charm of even the nicest outfit.

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Measuring the Hand – From Hand Circumference to Glove Size

Finding the proper glove size is actually quite easy. You only need to determine the circumference of your hand. All the other measurements of your hand will usually fall in proportion. Measure your bigger hand, usually your writing hand, at its widest point excluding the thumb with a measuring tape (see illustration). Be careful not to put the tape around your hand too tightly as the glove might end up being too small. If you don’t have a measuring tape, simply use a string or a cable cord, measure your hand circumference as mentioned above and use a ruler or folding rule to get your size.

Measuring Tape that is put around a hand to measure the glove size.

Our sizing chart will then indicate your perfect size. Premium leather glove sizes are usually given in numerical numbers. To make things easier, we also included the respective S,M,L,XL sizes. In case your measurement should fall between two sizes, we recommend rounding off to the nearest half or full size. Please note that women’s and men’s gloves are not cut the same way and will differ in terms of finger diameter and elasticity. In case you still have any questions regarding your glove size, just send us an email and we’ll gladly assist you.



Glove Sizing Chart Men



Glove Sizing Chart Women

Please note that glove sizes are not standardised. The sizing chart refers to Dalgado gloves and can therefore only serve as a reference for gloves sizes from other brands.


Size Check

Gloves should fit tightly in the beginning, as they stretch out and adjust to your hand size over time. When you put on your gloves for the first time, slightly bend your fingers backwards. If a slight crease occurs by your knuckles (see picture), you’ll know that you have the right glove size. If no crease appears, the gloves are too big. If you have trouble putting the gloves on or you feel restricted mobility of your fingers, the gloves are too small.


Glove bent upwards to check sizing


Restoring the Original Fit

The glove cutter determines the cut and elasticity of the glove. Since leather is an elastic natural material it can stretch out a bit with use. In order to restore the elasticity of the gloves, stretch your gloves by carefully pulling them over the edge of a table while holding the fingers of the gloves in one hand and the opening of the glove in the other hand. Afterwards, stretch the fingers of the gloves individually from the root of the fingers to the finger tips.


Glove that is pulled over table edge to restore fit


Use and Storage

Gently pull your leather gloves over your hand by switching between pulling the back and the palm of the glove down towards your wrist. Don’t push down between the fingers. When you want to take off your gloves, first pull each finger individually and then all fingers at once (see picture).


How to remove your gloves


We recommend giving your gloves enough rest between each wear, so they can dry completely. Gloves are best stored on a flat surface, ideally keeping light and dark colours separated, and away from any heat source, such as the sun or heating.


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In case you have any other questions, shoot us an email and we’ll try to help you as good as we can.