Even though it is very difficult to control every aspect of production, we make a conscious effort to ease our environmental foot print. We carefully select our partners and materials from vigilant suppliers who share our perspective. Many of them have introduced ground-breaking technology in their tanning process to reduce their economical footprint and work closely with their local communities.



We exclusively source our leathers from European tanneries, which are in compliance with the strict European directive REACH in regards to working safety, tannins, and chemicals. Besides, our tanneries have invented numerous techniques to reduce the impact of their production on the environment. You can find more information about our tanneries here.


Whenever possible, we try to use vegetable tanned leathers, as the tanning process is less taxing on the environment than mineral tanning. To be as transparent as possible, we have listed the materials our products are made of and where the leather comes from under the details section of every product page.

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Technological innovations are part of the DNA of our buckle manufactories. Not only do they allow them to produce top-quality buckles but also to keep the impact on the environment at a minimum. Here you can read more about our buckle manufacturers.


Our very identity is based on the philosophy of slow fashion: longevity, highest quality and timeless designs. That is why we only use the best materials and team up with revered craftsmen and manufacturers.

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We use DHL GoGreen shipping services which is an initiative which supports climate protection projects, offsets emissions by using optimised transport routes, and uses alternative drive vehicles and energy-efficient warehouses.

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